1. General Provisions

1.1 With use of the Website you confirm having read the Terms of Use of, agree with them fully and undertake to comply with them.
1.2 These conditions for use of have been approved on 22.02.2019.
1.3 If any provision of the Terms of Use of is held invalid because of conflict with the law, it does not lead to invalidity of the other provisions hereof.

2. Definitions of Terms and conditions

2.1. Terms of use - General conditions imposed by the Service Provider for use of the Web Site and the Services, which are provided on the Service Provider''s website (the Website).
2.2. Website - a set of web documents (including images, php and html files) accessible through the domain, the data base and its subdomains accessible through operated by the Service Provider.
2.3. Service provider - All World Media OÜ, the registry code 12037037, location Kolde pst 23, 10319 Tallinn.
2.4. User - a legal person who uses this Website.
2.5. Media Company - a legal person who provides Services to the Users through the Web Site of the Service Provide.
2.6. Offer - proposal of the user to the Media Company for provision of the service on the conditions indicated on the Website.
2.7. Service - any service that is mediated by the Service Provider on the Website.
2.8. Order - a wish of the user to buy from the Media Company a service on the Website on set conditions.
2.9. The Contract - a contract between Service Provider and the User for using the Website and in accordance with the Terms of Use.
2.10. Operations - User''s use of the Website in any way.

3. Conditions of entering into contract

3.1 Service Provider has the right to decide whether they shall enter into the Contract with the User who applied for the Service or to fail to enter into the contract (freedom of contract).
3.2 The Website is designed to provide the Services to the User.
3.3 A use of any object located on the Website in any way is deemed as using the Website.
3.4 The Website may be used only in accordance with the Terms of Use. If the User does not agree with the Terms of Use, he or she has no right to use the Website.
3.5 Use of this Website is allowed only with general-purpose browsers, such as: Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari and so on. Use of the Website is not allowed through the programs that send automated queries to the Website for any purpose.
3.6 For use of the Website the User and the Service Provider enter into an Agreement. Terms of Use are the terms and conditions of the Contract. The User and the Service Provider may agree on conditions of the Contract that differ or amend the Terms and Conditions of Use.
3.7 Entering into the Contract with the Service Provider is performed as follows:
3.7.1 If the User is actually going to use the Services;
3.7.2 If the User has submitted an application to the Service Provider via the Website for registration and gains access to the personal user account of the Web page.
3.8. Upon registration, the User must provide the compulsory data required by the Service Provider and accept the Terms of Use. For acceptance of the Terms of Use, the User clicks on the appropriate field, for which the Service Provider has created the opportunity upon registering.
3.9. Upon registration, the Service Provider asks from the User as the compulsory data the email address, the password and repetition of the password of the User. In addition, the Service Provider asks the service provider personal data about his or her first and last name, the company and any other information which is necessary for the intended service provision.
3.10. Upon registration, the User will acquire for his or her use a user account of the personal Website.
3.11. Registration of the User on the Website will remain in force indefinitely.
3.12. Upon signing, the User agrees to receive offers from the Service Provider, of which the User is able to dispose of in the user interface settings.
3.13. If the User wants to use the Website in another way or for another purpose than is provided in these Terms of Use, the prior written consent of the Service Provider is required.
3.14. The user is required to pay for the use of the Website and the Services according to the price list, if with the Contract has not been agreed otherwise.
3.15. The Service Provider owns all copyrights and the associated rights (the rights of the maker of the data base) on the Website (as the database) and is the copyright holder to the components in the composition thereof, including software, news, messages, text, graphic or other design of the Web page.

4. The service of the Service Provider

4.1 The Service Provider makes, with the help of the Website available to Users as a service, the Service Platform that allows Users to make queries to Media Companies about different advertising services, as well as other services, to check their availability and to make offers and purchases. In addition, on the Website is made available general information on the Services.
4.2 By making the Services of Media Companies available to Users through the Website, the Service Provider is not responsible for provision of Services, as well as Service quality and compliance with the pre-contractual information and sales promises announced by the Media Company, but the User has the right to submit their claims to the Media Companies through the Service Provider who will forward the claims to the Media Companies and use its best efforts negotiate claim settlements.
4.3 Opportunities of buying Services, including offers, conditions, prices and availability of Services is constantly changing, because it depends on the supply and demand of the Service.
4.4 Any Offer made by the User to the Media Company using the Website, the proposal of the User to a selected service from the Media Company, is buying services together with payment for the Service User. The proposal of the User is stored by the Service User electronically for xx days and will be sent at the request of the User by the Service Provider by email. If the Media Company gives an acceptance to the User''s proposal, the Media Company or the Service Provider sends the relevant confirmation to the User by email. As of the moment of receipt of the acceptance of the Service Provider to the proposal of the User, the Contract regarding the relevant Service shall be deemed to be entered into between the User and the Media Company.
4.5 If the Media Company does not provide an acceptance to the proposal of the User, the Contract is not entered into and the Service Provider shall reimburse the payment made by the User.

5. Intermediation of Service

5.1 The Service obtained from the Website is considered qualitatively and quantitatively provided and received by the user by the Media Company through the mediation of the Service Provider:
5.1.1 If the Service is provided by the Media Company in the manner prescribed by the User;
5.1.2 The Service is provided by a Media Company to the designated by the User.
5.2 Provision of the Service and receipt thereof shall be deemed to have occurred if the promotional material has been published by the Media Company on the Website in the way promised or otherwise agreed upon in advance.
5.3 Upon non-compliance by the User with the conditions agreed on in paragraphs 7 and or 8, the Service has the right to refuse to accept a new Order.
5.4 In the case of non-compliance with the Terms of Use, the Service Provider has the right to refuse from acceptance of the Order on the Website.

6. Liabilities on the using of the Website

6.1 Services can be booked, purchased and Orders for Services made via the Website only by persons with full legal capacity and of legal age, or at least 18 years of age who is the representative of the User in the capacity of a legal person. If however a person not complying with these requirements books a Service or submits a Service Order, a person whose bank account, credit card or other payment means is used for paying for the operation is responsible for the consequences of these Operations.
6.2 The User is required to perform the operations in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of Use and the information displayed on the Website. The user undertakes, during the Operation check, to carefully review the data of the order submitted during the Operation and be responsible for the accuracy of the information provided in the orders, carrying the risk of potential losses associated with any mistake made by him or her. Before booking a Service via the Website or submitting a Service Order, all the data entered by the User are displayed on the Website to identify and correct the entered mistakes.
6.3 The Service Provider has the right not to execute the order of the User, if the User has not complied with the Terms of Use or the information displayed on the Website, has not paid for the Order or if the payment instrument of the User has no funds to the extent of the order submitted in relation to the Operation and in the amount due.
6.4 The Service Provider shall send a confirmation of the Order to the e-mail address provided by the User. If the confirmation has not been received on the electronic mail address within a reasonable period after the payment of Services, the User must immediately inform the Service Provider thereof.
6.5 The User is obliged to immediately inform the Service Provider of any errors, inconsistencies or malfunctions preventing from using the Website.
6.6 Upon receipt of confirmation, the User shall immediately verify the accuracy of the relevant data and compliance thereof with the data entered.
6.7 Upon using the Website, the User is required:
6.7.1 to ensure the accuracy of the information submitted when using the Website by him or her;
6.7.2 not to transmit through the Website any unlawful or otherwise prohibited information;
6.7.3 not to use the Website to carry out speculative or wrongful Operations or deceptive practice;
6.7.4 not to send via the Website files that contain viruses and other computer programs, or files that interfere with, impair or otherwise interfere with the normal use of the Website and can as a result of the use of the Website record into the other Users'' computers and/or interfere with, damage or otherwise interfere with the proper functioning of the computers;
6.7.5 not to modify, copy, transmit, sell, reproduce or otherwise use the Website or its contents in a prohibited manner;
6.7.6 Upon giving an Order, to comply with the terms and pricing of the Media Company;
6.7.7 Take into consideration that the price list on the Website is indicative and not binding. The User confirms that they are aware of the fact that the final price of the Service will be developed as a result on the negotiations of the Media Company and the User;
6.7.8 Upon final approval of the Order to purchase the Service
6.7.9 to pay the invoice submitted by the Service Provider for the Service;
6.7.10 to perform the payment to the Service Provider for the Service before the due date of transfer of the promotional materials to be transferred to the Media Company;
6.7.11 If the User has an obligation to make an advance payment, to perform it 72 hours before the deadline of provision of the Service, otherwise the Service Provider has the right to cancel the booking regarding the Service Order. In exceptional cases (such as last-minute offers) the Service Provider has the possibility to conclude a separate agreement on the deadline of the advance payment;
6.7.12 to accept that individual agreements are concluded with the User regarding the credit limit;
6.7.13 if a credit limit applies to the User, be guided thereupon by carrying out transactions on the Website;
6.7.14 To accept the Service on the delivery date specified in the Order, if the Order is properly completed by the Media Company;
6.7.15 To provide promotional materials for the Media Company on time. Failure to comply with the prior service does not exempt the User from the obligation to pay for the Service on the agreed deadline. The User is not required to pay for the Service as scheduled, if he or she proves that he or she has forwarded the promotional materials to the Media Company in the proper format;
6.7.16 to submit the initial claims resulting from the deficiencies of the Service directly to the Media Company and in case of it not being possible, the User is entitled to turn to the Service Provider, who shall forward the claims to the Media Company, and shall make best efforts to resolve the complaints;
6.7.17 to agree that any cancellation of confirmed Orders is possible only in agreement with the Service Provider;
6.7.18 not to enter into agreements with Media Companies out of the Website in case of the transaction of the parties was initiated from the Website of the Service Provider, thus denying the use of intermediary service of the Service Provider;
6.7.19 not to infringe the copyright of the Service Provider.

7. Terms of sale of the Service Provider

7.1 Upon purchasing a Service on the Website, in addition to Terms and Conditions of Use, special conditions and terms of sale of the Media Company may apply. The conditions of sale of the Media Company may include provisions relating to payment terms, liability, cancellation and modification of bookings/contracts, payment of benefits and limitations.
7.2 Information on the special conditions and on the sales terms of the Media Company is provided on the Website.
7.3 The User is required to independently to verify and observe the conditions imposed by the Service Provider and/or the Media Company. Non-compliance with the terms of the Service Provider and/or Media Company can result in for example canceling of the Order and bearing of unforeseen additional costs by the User, etc.
7.4 If the terms of sale of the Media Company allow the User to cancel or modify the booked or purchased Service, the User is required to notify the Service Provider in case of use of such right.

8. Terms of Payment

8.1 Upon making a purchase transaction by the user via the Website is required payment of the total price of the Service. The user shall pay the price of the Service to the Service Provider by using the means of payment accepted by the Service Provider and the latter undertakes to forward the payment to the Media Company.
8.2 Upon payment for the Service by the User, the Service undertakes to comply with the information displayed on the Website.
8.3 The Service Provider and the Media Company are not obliged to issue statements, certificates or other documents to the User before receipt of the full amount for the Service. However, the User will remain liable for payment of the agreed price of the Service also in the event when the confirmation of the Order is issued to him or her prior to payment of the total price of the Service.
8.4 The Operations for which a service fee must be paid, as well as the size of the service fee, have been provided in the price list of the services of the Service Provider which is available on the Website.
8.5 Cancellation of the transaction, failure to purchase the Service from the Media Company or failure to fully or partially use the service of the Media Company is not a bases for refund of the fee paid.
8.6 Upon failure to pay to the Service Provider for the Service on a timely manner, the User is required to pay to the Service Provider a fine for delay 0.1% of the unpaid amount for each day of delay.

9. Submission of complaints

9.1 If the User finds that the Service does not meet the conditions laid down by the Service Provider, the Service Provider and/or the Media Company must me immediately informed thereof. If no settlement is reached, a written complaint must be submitted on the case as soon as possible but no later than 30 days after the occurrence of non-compliance.
9.2 The Service Provider will review the complaint and notify its decision in an agreed manner (e.g. orally, in writing) no later than 15 days after the receipt of the complaint. If during the above period it is not possible to answer the complaint due to its complexity or the need to clarify the additional facts, the complainant will be informed thereof, while giving the timeframe within which the complaint is answered.
9.3 A written complaint must be submitted against the Media Company and to be sent directly by post or email address of the Media Company or to the mail or email address of the Service Provider. The complaint must be accompanied by proof of non-compliance of the Service and documentation regarding additional costs and losses incurred.
9.4. The claim not submitted by the deadline is deemed to be outdated.

10. Confidentiality and Privacy

10.1 The Service Provider shall not disclose the personal data of the User that have become known to him or her during use of the Website by the User, unless the publication is performed at the user''s consent or the obligation or the right of disclosure of information arises from legislation or Terms and Conditions of Use.
10.2 Any information received from the environment of the User on the Website (including, but not limited to offers, the survey data, etc.) is confidential and intended for use only for private purposes of the User, and any commercial use thereof is not permitted.
10.3 The User acknowledges and understands that the use of Website and performance of Operations by the User requires transmission of the User data to third parties in Estonia. If the User performs the Operations the prerequisite of which is forwarding of User data (including, but not limited to name, registry code, or the means of payment information) to third parties (including, but not the only the Media Company, or other cooperation partners of the Service Provider who are involved in provision of the specific Service or allowing of payment for the Service), the User agrees to the forwarding of their data in order to obtain the desired Service.
10.4 Confidential information should not be used to gather information for a third party, to sell, to make alternative offers to Users outside of the Website and/or as comparison information for the benefit of third parties.

11. Responsibility

11.1 The Service Provider is responsible only for the IT technical operation of the Website. 11.2 The Service Provider shall not be liable for non-functioning of the Service, which resulted from reasons outside the control of the Service Provider (such as the Internet connection is lost, etc.).
11.3 The Service Provider is not liable for any damages that may arise and does not undertake to compensate for any losses or costs to the User and/or to the Media Company. As an exception, the Service Provider is responsible to the Media Company and/or the User only for the damage resulting from gross negligence, intentional act or omission of the Service Provider.
11.4 The Service Provider is not liable for any loss of income of the User and/or the Media Company or for the damages arising from the hindrance of the activity of the company.
11.5 The liability of the Service Provider in the case set out in Section 11.2 is limited to the amount of the fee paid or payable for the service by the User, except if the mandatory rules provided by law provide otherwise.
11.6 The User operating on the Website is fully and in every way responsible proper execution of his or her duties to the Service Provider and/or the Media Company and is required to indemnify to the full extent the damages caused to the Service Provider and/or Media Companies with non-compliance or unsatisfactory performance.
11.7 The Media Company operating on the Website is fully and in every way responsible for proper execution of his or her duties to the Service Provider and/or the User and is required to indemnify to the full extent the damages caused to the Service Provider and/or the User with non-compliance or unsatisfactory performance.
11.8 Upon violation of obligations of the User provided in sections 6, 8 and 10 the Service Provider is entitled to require from the User termination of the violation, setting a reasonable deadline and a penalty of EUR 300 for each separate violation.

12. Final provisions

12.1 The Service Provider has the right to unilaterally change the Terms of Use without notice. Changes and amendments in the Terms of Use take effect as of the date of publication thereof on the Website, if the changes and amendments do not provide otherwise.
12.2 Legislation of the Republic of Estonia applies on the legal relations between the User and the Service Provider, litigation is subject to the Harju County Court.

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